Tom Gulliver has firmly placed his hat in the music arena with the release of his first Rock album. The talented Sixth Former wrote, recorded, produced and released the ambitious, creative work entirely independently. 

Tom is primarily an electric guitarist but on this album he formed an impressive one-man-band with the help of some advanced production techniques and some soaring female vocals from Freya Bolton in the track ‘Teal Ashes’. One might suggest that he has drawn influence from the powerful grunge riffs of Nirvana and mixed this with the musicality, production and atmosphere of later Radiohead albums. 

Tom's album release follows the recent success of the EP release ‘Scream’ by ‘The Basilisk’: Tom’s Metal band that he formed with several other Bedford School boys.

Our congratulations go to Tom on this great achievement, and we wish him every success for the launch of his new album. 


You can support Tom’s album using the link below to a number of leading online music retailers and streaming services.

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