Our Prep and Upper boys are celebrating after achieving a remarkable 85 top three places in this year’s Bedfordshire Festival of Speech, Drama and Music. 

We are also delighted to say that Charlie Eggleton, William Roberts, Dylan Swain and Jonathan Hosking performed at the Gala Concert on the final night of the festival. To be selected from the thousands of entrants who took part in the festival is a great achievement and honour. Our congratulations go to them and every boy, whether a prize winner or not, who took part in the festival – it takes great courage to stand on the stage and perform, and every boy was a credit to the school.  However, special congratulations must go to Jonathan Hosking who walked away with the very top prize at the festival.  You can read about his remarkable success here.  

CategoryYear GroupPlaceBoys
Any bowed instrumentGrade 8 and above2nd placeJames Watson
Brass SoloGrade 8 and above1st PlaceHenry Poppleton
Chamber Music Ensemble1stBedford School Wind Quintet
ChoristerY9 or Under1stHarry Townsend
ChoristerY9 or Under2ndFraser Morgan
Creative DramaY4-Y72ndDavid Wiltshire, Michael Moretto, Brooklyn Fu
Creative DramaY4-Y73rdOrion Verle, Alastair Tierney, Isaac Vincent-Emery & Tom Gray
Creative DramaY4-Y73rdMonty Lomax, Sam Yeomans, Thomas Dewe & Harry Burns
Creative DramaY8-Y103rdLeo Butler, Tom Ferrari, Tim Karunakaran, William Ngan, Hasan Manji
Dramatic SceneY5-Y72ndClement Rahwangi-Gough, Finlay Adams, William Gallaghar, Ethan Summers
Dramatic SceneY8-Y103rdHarry Payne, Will Trobe & Jamie Welch
Dramatic SceneY8-Y103rdJacob Foster, Jack Aldridge & Aiden Ainsworth-Cave
Dramatic SoloY7-Y81stArthur Proctor
Dramatic SoloY7-Y82ndArthur Polhill
Dramatic SoloY7-Y83rdOlly Wright
Dramatic SoloY7-Y83rdJames Keylock
DuologueY5-Y62ndElio Lepore & Ruairi Cassell
DuologueY7-Y83rdAlfie Gittens & Esam Janahi
Group PoemY7-Y83rdAaron Berman, Kurtish Mistry, Jack Harte & Alexander Hall
MonologuesY5-Y61stSam Deardon
MonologuesY5-Y63rdElio Lepore
MonologuesY5-Y6HCRuairi Cassell
Musical TheatreY6-Y71stMichael Robertson
Musical TheatreY8-Y91stWilliam Roberts
Oratorio16 years and over1stBenjamin Watson
Piano SoloGrade 62ndKorede Alagabe
Prepared ReadingY32ndLucas Hill
Prepared ReadingY33rdSebastian Pointer
Prepared ReadingY43rdEthan Daubney
Prepared ReadingY43rdSammy Hughes
Prepared ReadingY63rdJonathan Hall
Prepared ReadingY71stClement Rahwangi-Gough
Prepared ReadingY81stWilliam Trobe
PresentationY7-Y82ndWilliam Ngan
Solo or Duet SingingY51stAryan Sohanpal
Solo or Duet Singing - Girls & Boys (voices broken)Y101stDylan Swain
Solo or Duet Singing - Girls & Boys (voices broken)Y91stWilfred Barker
Solo or Duet Singing - Trebles (boys' voices unbroken)Y7 and over1stWilliam Roberts
Solo or Duet Singing - Trebles (boys' voices, unbroken)Y7 and over3rd placePui Lam Ng
Versatility ClassPiano & Oboe1stJonathan Blake
Verse DuetY51stPrejeev Suhitharan & Leo Mathew
Verse SoloY31stLucas Hill
Verse SoloY41stSammy Hughes
Verse SoloY43rdAryan Nair
Verse SoloY43rdIsaac Vincent-Emery
Verse SoloY43rdFreddie Barnes
Verse SoloY51stPrejeev Suhitharan
Verse SoloY51stAyran Sohanpal
Verse SoloY52ndLeo Mathew
Verse SoloY52ndJonathan Hall
Verse SoloY53rdAlfred Williams
Verse SoloY53rdFreddie Bowis
Verse SoloY53rdStanley Breed
Verse SoloY62ndJames Pinkney
Verse SoloY72ndTanay Rai
Verse SoloY72ndMichael Robertson
Verse SoloY72ndRobert Wells
Verse SoloY72ndArthur Proctor
Verse SoloY72ndHarry Clifton
Verse SoloY73rdWill Hayward
Verse SoloY73rdShayen Patel
Verse SoloY73rdTobi Akinola
Verse SoloY73rdEdward Dagg
Verse SoloY71stCharlie Eggleton
Verse SoloY82ndJack Harte
Verse SoloY83rdAlex Hall
Verse SoloY83rdAaron Berman
Woodwind SoloGrade 22ndTom Cameron-Fraser
Woodwind SoloGrade 23rd placeLeo Mathew
Woodwind SoloGrade 43rd placeMerlin Toms
Woodwind SoloGrade 51stHugo Hodgson
Woodwind SoloGrade 52ndChristopher Sporton
Woodwind SoloGrade 72nd placeOscar Calvert
Write & Read a StoryY3-Y41stOliver Barbour
Write & Read a StoryY3-Y42ndCayo Sinclair
Write & Read a StoryY3-Y43rdHugo Morgan
Write & Read a StoryY3-Y43rdAdam Purdie
Write & Read a StoryY5 -Y63rdBen Rioch
Write & Read a StoryY5 -Y63rdSam Gray
Write & Read a StoryY5-Y62ndFraser Morgan
Write & Read a StoryY5-Y63rdAryan Sohanpal
Write & Read Own PoemY4-Y63rdNirmay Patel
Write & Read Own PoemY7-Y82ndAkshat Buddineni
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