“Like John Allan’s experiences recently described, in those days, I also went through the same sort of life – although I started as a boarder at Farrars with Mr Sutcliffe at the age of 9 in 1947. John started at Nashes, which was for the younger boys presumably up to the age of 8 or 9. Like him, my form mistress was Miss Harman and I think Mr Pickering. At the time, Miss Sillar was very much the grand old lady of the “Inky” and much respected. I think she had taught my uncle Robert (Peacock).

I don’t remember that much of my “Inky” days apart from them being totally undistinguished although I did win a form prize, the first and only! But I do remember our form being shown correspondence relating to Captain Scott who was looking for a financial contribution towards his polar expedition in 1912 (which was turned down, I believe). This was prompted by the film of this event starring John Mills in 1948. After “Farrars” the next step was into the Upper School and fourth form with the move to Burnaby House under Mr O V Bevan. I chose that house mainly because it was so close to the school, a huge benefit in time saved going to and from the boarding house especially with all the papers and textbooks we had to lug about, and he was a good housemaster.”

Simon Cauthery (47-56)

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