Inspired by illustrator and graphic designer Edward Bawden’s famous 1960 prints of London Monuments, our Y8 boys have been working hard to produce their own versions of Bedford’s Monuments in art.

With the brief to ‘look up’ and discover the hidden monuments, architecture and landmarks in Bedford, each boy looked at the town with fresh eyes before selecting his favourite monument or landmark to produce in the style of Bawden.

The boys simplified each monument’s form, manipulating line, shape and space as well as exploring combinations of colour and tone to enhance the image. Creating their lino print compositions, each boy developed knowledge, experience and skills in cutting, inking and registering multiple layers.

The finished results and craftsmanship are nothing short of amazing, and we are not the only ones to think so! Excitingly, local estate agents, Michael Graham, and Coffee Republic have both asked to display some of the boys’ fantastic work in their premises. Keep your eyes peeled next time you visit.

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