Along with three friends, James Kendall (00-03) is currently rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic, hoping to raise a total of £30,000 for their two chosen charities –  The RNLI and The Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Competing to win the 2015 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, the team have named themselves ‘All Beans No Monkeys’ – a motto taken from their days at Newcastle University Boat Club – meaning to put the effort in ‘lay the beans down’ and to make no mistakes ‘no monkeys’.

Taking on the one of the toughest races on earth, requiring an extraordinary level of endurance and skill, ‘All Beans No Monkeys’ have already completed their first 1000 miles across the Ocean, and now have another 2000 to go! Setting off on December 20th 2015, from La Gomera in Tenerife, and aiming for English Harbour in Antigua, the crossing will take between 40 and 60 days.

Along the way, the team will encounter huge waves, lots of ‘interesting’ wildlife, sleep deprivation, dry food rations and lots and lots of sore hands, arms and bums. Taking shifts, the team will row for two hours and sleep for two hours continuously for the duration of the journey. In the allotted sleep time the team will need to eat twice, maintain the boat and ensure the navigated course is correct.

Follow the progress of James Kendall and his fellow crew members via their blog or their twitter page. If you wish to support the team further by donating please visit their fundraising page.

An admirable endeavour, we wish them the best of luck!

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