We bring you fascinating, lesser-known facts and stories about our OBs. From an acting legend honoured on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and who played cricket for the Hollywood Cricket Club alongside many Hollywood greats, to an OB who was the inspiration for a character in a popular video game, and many more…

Noel Carrington (1903-13) 

Having recently had the International Booker Prize 2021, we thought you’d be interested to know that the man behind Puffin Books, Noel Carrington, was an Old Bedfordian and was at the school from 1903-1913. Glance across the street from the building which houses the OB Club offices, and you may catch sight of a blue plaque on the façade of 40 De Parys Avenue. It commemorates Dora Carrington, Noel’s sister, who was a renowned artist associated with the Bloomsbury Group.


Henry Byron Warner (1892-96) 

Henry Byron Warner was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 1937.  He began his career playing lead roles in many silent films but, with the advent of the sound era, he took on more supporting roles.  He played cricket for the Hollywood Cricket Club alongside many Hollywood greats such as Boris Karloff, and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6600 Hollywood Boulevard. 



With the new £50 banknote released in June 2021 featuring scientist and codebreaker Alan Turing, we thought we’d share with you a little-known fact. Alan’s father and uncle were both Old Bedfordians. Turing’s grandfather was a Vicar in the town and had arrived here from Rufford, near Nottingham, in order to educate his children at Bedford School and Bedford High School.


OB Air Vice Marshall Sir Sefton Brancker (1891–94)

2021 marks the eightieth anniversary of the crash of the R101 airship over France on its maiden voyage to India. The airship was based at the Cardington hangers near Bedford and one of those who died in the crash was OB Air Vice Marshall Sir Sefton Brancker (1891–94). He was travelling with Lord Thompson, the Secretary of State for Air. Sir Sefton was reputed to be the very first recipient of the Air Force Cross. All the victims of the crash are buried in the Cardington churchyard. Find out more here.


Neil Dawson’s (78-83) Bee Gees Link

Marketing guru Neil Dawson (78-83) created ‘The Record’ – the concept for The Bee Gees Greatest Hits CD. The album includes 40 tracks spanning over 35 years of music and has sold over 3 million copies worldwide. Find out more about Neil’s fantastic work with top brands here.


School’s first Ski trip

Love to ski? In 1929, R V Proudlock (1911-15) took a group of boys on the School’s first Ski trip to Chamonix over the Christmas holidays.  This article from the Ousel contains some great photos and the write-up gives a wonderful account of the trip.  Do you have any photos from your School Ski trips you could upload to Eagle Connect?


Major Martin Clemens (24-33)

Here’s a great ‘Did you know’ for all the gamers out there. Major Martin Clemens (24-33) was the inspiration for a character in the 2003 video game Medal of Honour: Rising Sun?  Read his full life story here