What an Adventure! John Russell’s tale of life on the high seas, drifting across the Atlantic on a raft, with only a pig-shed for shelter was inspirational.

With a combined age of 258, the 4 explorers built their raft from water pipes, wood, rope, a telegraph pole and a sail and set off from La Gomera in the Canaries heading for the Caribbean, using only the currents and trade winds to get there. Sometimes they found themselves going backwards but, after 66 days, they reached St Maarten.

The trip was the adventure of a lifetime and the lasting impressions of the trip were how vast and empty the Atlantic Ocean is, not only of shipping (they saw very few ships on their journey) but also of wildlife, the tranquillity of the journey, the serenity of the sky at night and the myriad of stars that can be seen. At one with nature.

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