We are delighted to announce that our Prep science department is growing with the addition of a selection of furry and not so furry friends.

The calm and friendly animals, including four gerbils, stick and leaf insects and a rather striking salamander, have taken up residence in the department and have been delighting boys and staff alike.

During lessons, boys are learning how to care and handle the animals and will be observing and researching them next term. They will be looking at their habitats, physiology, reproduction (we hope to hear the pitter, patter of little gerbil feet) and life cycles.

We have a great group of boys who, under supervision, are helping to take care of the animals; helping to feed and clean them, which is proving therapeutic for all involved.

But that’s not the end of the story, plans are afoot to add even more animals in the future, including tropical saltwater and freshwater fish and, hopefully, some frogs.  We predict that science is going to become even more popular, both in lesson time and out!

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