Earlier this week we welcomed the legendary trumpeter and musician Kent Smith to school to work with a group of A-Level Music Technology boys.

Kent, who is visiting the UK from New York, has written and performed with well-known names such as Bob Dylan, Roger Daltrey, Alice Cooper, Aretha Franklin and many more, as well as completing five world tours with the Rolling Stones! In between performing, Kent teaches trumpet, trombone, and the French Horn from his private studio in New York, and he is passionate about sharing his tips and wisdom with up and coming musicians.

The small group of boys were thrilled and incredibly fortunate therefore, to have the opportunity to work with Kent in such a close environment. He enlightened them with insightful stories of his time recording with top musicians.

On Monday, Upper Sixth former Peter Barrington was able to work with Kent in the studio recording Under the Moon, his modern jazz composition, which Peter hopes to include on his album They’re Not All About You, which is near completion and soon to be released. You can listen to a preview of this recording below. On Wednesday, Kent joined the boys and our very own resident Jazz legend Mrs Nikki Illes for Jazz Orchestra.

Kent said, “It’s a true joy to work with young artists. Their talent and enthusiasm never fails to amaze me. I find it fulfilling to help them on their journey toward their artistic vision.”

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