HAV's Airlander aircraft was recently measured, by representatives of the Guinness book of records, and declared to be the biggest aircraft in the world. It is being prepared for flight in one of the Cardington Hangars on the outskirts of Bedford. Engineers are currently working flat out to get it airborne in time for the major summer air shows and fingers are crossed that it will be edging out of the hangar very soon.

Airlander's Head of Outreach, Mr Barry Robertson, recently visited the school to give a talk to students and staff about the project. He covered both its technical specifications and future potential as a growing business for Bedfordshire. Mr Robertson explained that the aircraft offers unique and beneficial solutions to humanitarian aid, long distance freight movement, luxury cruises in the air and earth exploration and observation. Bedford School's very own wind tunnel was then used to test out a model of the Airlander (see photo). Mr Robertson was so impressed with the quality of the image, which was taken by Simon Cheung (L6), that he asked for permission to use it in future promotional material. Airlander is a local project with huge long term potential and we are sure that we will be welcoming Mr Robertson back in the near future to inspire another cohort of potential engineers and businessmen.

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