A group of 52 boys from Y5 headed to London’s Science Museum for an exciting sleepover adventure on Friday 11 May.

The boys spent a fun-filled evening in the interactive Wonderlab learning all about the solar system and forces; the friction slide proved a highlight for many. They took in an exciting IMAX film looking at the universe of creatures, processes and phenomena they never even knew existed; such as the flight of a dragonfly, the bacteria living on our bodies and even the invisible rays of light which surround us all. There were also exciting demonstrations; one of the most electrifying showed the power of 6,000 volts through a Tesla Coil.

Then, as if the evening had not yielded enough excitement, the boys got to sleep out underneath the museum’s space rockets—probably the coolest bedroom a boy could wish for!

When asked about the trip the boys told us it was, “scientific“, “fun” and “exciting.” Understandably, Y4 cannot wait for their turn to take the trip next year.

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