Boys in Y3 and Y4 have enjoyed taking part in a new and exciting rewards system introduced after Easter. Boys are rewarded with a gold merit token when they are seen living out the school values through their conduct in school; such as supporting a friend in need, helping a teacher, demonstrating resilience or endeavour in a challenging situation. 

Their tokens are not only recorded on their pupil record but, excitingly for the boys, they are also able to add them to their house’s collection by dropping them into their house’s container in Prep Reception. At the end of each half term, the total number of merit tokens awarded to each house will be calculated and the winning house will receive an extra treat.

Our hope is that this system will serve to motivate the boys, as both an individual and house member, to demonstrate these excellent values and help to ensure that boys are recognised for their superb efforts and behaviour in school. From all we have seen, the boys are certainly enjoying the challenge!  

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