Developing the young man within

Creating a safe and stimulating environment in which to grow

We must excel at:

  • Living our values
  • Fostering inclusion, tolerance, kindness and mutual respect
  • Providing structure for boys
  • Securing strong pastoral networks of support
  • Building relationships with families

Nurturing a passion in, and for, life

We must excel at:

  • Providing opportunities to broaden and deepen a wide range of interests
  • Ensuring that all boys are making the most of their opportunity
  • Inspiring our boys

Developing awareness of, and the understanding of his contribution to, the world and life beyond Bedford School

We must excel at:

  • Community service, fundraising, trips, careers advice, connections with Old Bedfordians and other organisations
  • Encouraging boys to form an opinion and be able to articulate it appropriately
  • Ensuring an exciting balance of local, national and international boys
  • Guiding boarders and day boys from diverse backgrounds to learn from each other
  • Providing an outstanding Sixth Form


Realising his academic potential

High-quality teaching and learning

we must excel at:

  • Recruiting and retaining the highest quality staff members
  • Developing our current staff members
  • Sharing good practice and encouraging a desire for continual improvement
  • Respecting and valuing all staff
  • Assimilating outstanding practice
  • Stimulating and modelling reflective learning

Providing the conditions and structures for boys of a range of abilities and backgrounds to excel

We must excel at:

  • Encouraging and meeting high expectations for all
  • Knowing all of our boys as unique individuals
  • Joining with parents to drive forward shared goals
  • ESOL, SEN, gifted and talented provision; and developing the achievement of the middle ranks
  • Providing an appropriate school curriculum which is properly resourced
  • Managing a suitable extra-curricular balance for all

Enabling creative independent learning

We must excel at:

  • Encouraging independence of thought
  • Engendering boys’ personal responsibility for their studies
  • Stretching the capabilities of all
  • Allowing time for exploration


Providing sustainability over time

Generating and maintaining appropriate levels of income, capital and reserves

We must excel at:

  • Communicating our school aims effectively
  • Celebrating our successes to the wider community
  • Targeting ways to attract boys to the school
  • Focussing on the quality of our intake
  • Ensuring an appropriate mix of fee and non-fee income
  • Investing and disbursing our bursarial funds and reserves wisely

Effective estate management

We must excel at:

  • Forward-looking estates planning, which ties in with educational objectives
  • Managing an integrated approach to maintenance and capital expenditure
  • Taking care of, and pride in, our surroundings
  • Understanding our heritage

Managing budgets and costs

We must excel at:

  • Strong financial control from Governors and management to deliver value for money
  • Being determined to ensure fee levels are kept as low as practicable
  • Regular and responsible questioning of current costs, whilst maintaining our commitment to quality
  • Ensuring a collective approach to cost-efficient processes
  • Good communication and consultation at all levels
  • Contextual reviews of all new initiatives with financial impact