Core Management Team (CMT)

  • Mr J Hodgson BA
    Head Master
  • Mr I Silk BA
    Headmaster (Prep School)
  • Dr D Koch BA DPhil
    Vice Master
  • Mr S Baldock MA
    Deputy Head (Academic)
  • Mr W Montgomery BSc
    Assistant Head (Teaching & Learning)
  • Mr M Gracie BSc MEd
    Assistant Head (Pastoral)
  • Mr A MacFarlane BSc MSc
    Director of Finance and Operations
  • Mrs J Dickson BSc
    Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Mr H Maltby BA
    Director of Bedford School Association

Boarding Housemasters

  • Mr J Marriott BA
    Redburn and Senior Boarding Housemaster
  • Mr J Hinkins BSc
  • Mr H Taylor BSc
  • Mr C Fisher MA
  • Mr R Midgley BA (Ed)
  • Mr R Wise BA MEd

Day Housemasters

  • Mr S Everitt MEng
  • Mr T Rooke BA MMus
  • Miss A Swallow BSc
  • Mrs F Whiteman BA MA
    Paulo Pontine
  • Mr L Holt BA
    St Cuthbert’s
  • Mr M Cassell BSc
    St Peter’s

Upper School Teaching Staff:

Academic Year Heads

  • Mrs R Wainwright BA MA
    Fourth Form
  • Mr C Prior BA
    Remove Form
  • Mrs K Philpot BA
    Fifth Form
  • Mrs A Smith BA
    Sixth Form

Director of IB

  • Mr A Finch MA MA

Director of Digital LEARNING

  • Dr Albin Wallace FBCS, FRSA

careers & UCAS

  • Mrs M Lincoln BCom MEd TEFL*
  • Mrs E Fox-Johnson BA MA

General Education

  • Miss A Swallow BSc*
  • Mr M Graham BA MA (Ed)
  • Mr N McCleery BA

Community Partnership Programme

  • Ms S Spyropoulos BA

School Chaplain

  • Mr N McCleery BA

Academic Support (EAL & SEND)

  • Mrs R Mellor BA Postgraduate Certificate in Education (National Award for Special Educational Needs Co-Ordination). *
  • Ms J Darby DELTA – Specialist Teacher
  • Mr D Dodgson BA MA Dip TESOL TYLEC – EAL Coordinator
  • Ms F Godber BA Cert SpLD – Specialist Teacher 
  • Mrs L Saunders MA DELTA – Specialist Teacher 
  • Miss T Thompson BA Dip SpLD CPT3A – Specialist Teacher


  • Mr M Croker BA *
  • Mr J Nicholl BA 
  • Mrs F Whiteman BA MA


  • Mr M Beale BSc MEd FRSB (Head of Science Faculty) *
  • Mr S Baldock MA FRSB
  • Mrs F Bell BSc
  • Mrs K Briers
  • Ms J Mainstone BSc
  • Mr C Palmer BSc MA
  • Miss A Swallow BSc (maternity leave)


  • Mr S Knight BA *
  • Mr M Bridle BSc
  • Mr P Lumley-Wood BSc CChem MRSC
  • Mr K Peters MChem
  • Dr W Suthers BSc MSc PhD


  • Mr A Melvill BA (Head of Languages Faculty)*
  • Miss E Bassaly BA

Computer Science

  • Mr P Scullion BSc*
  • Mr S Rook BSc MEd
  • Dr Albin Wallace FBCS, FRSA

Design Technology

  • Mr I Armstrong BSc MSc *
  • Mr L Holt BA
  • Mr M Huddlestone BA
  • Mr G Waite MEng

Economics & Business Studies

  • Mr C Bury BA*
  • Mr M Cassell BSc
  • Mr R Heale BSc
  • Mrs M Lincoln BCom MEd TEFL
  • Mr H Taylor BSc
  • Mr C Walsh BA, MA, MSc


  • Mr N Hopton MA MEd (Head of English Faculty)*
  • Miss H Bassa BA
  • Mr A Grimshaw BA
  • Mrs K Philpot BA
  • Mrs A Smith BA
  • Mrs R Wainwright BA MA
  • Mrs R Quirighetti BA


  • Mr T Rees BSc (Head of Humanities Faculty)*
  • Mr M Gracie BSc MEd
  • Mr J Marriott BA
  • Mrs V Marriott BSc
  • Mr W Montgomery BSc
  • Mr M Ruta BSc
  • Ms S Spyropoulos BA


  • Ms E Parcell BA *
  • Dr D Koch BA DPhil
  • Mr C Fisher MA
  • Mr M Graham BA MA (Ed)
  • Ms G Middleton BSc
  • Mr H Vann BA MA 
  • Mr R Wise BA MEd 


  • Miss R Jackson BSc (Head of Mathematics Faculty)*
  • Mr S Adams MPhys
  • Mr B Burgess BA (Ed)
  • Mr C Deplanke BA
  • Mrs T Harbinson BSc
  • Mr B Jones BSc
  • Mr R Kay BSc
  • Mr D Major MMath
  • Mrs O Okusanya BSc MSc
  • Miss L Owens BA BSc
  • Mr C Prior BSc
  • Mr K Thomson BSc
  • Mr R Watson MSc
  • Mr M Williams BSc

Modern Languages

  • Mr F Graeff Dipl. Kfm (Head of Modern Languages) *
  • Mrs P Wright BA (Deputy Head of Modern Languages) 
  • Mr A Bargiela BA 
  • Mr A Braithwaite BA 
  • Dr A Chen MBA PhD
  • Mr M Dawson BA
  • Ms C Geneve MA
  • Miss J Law BA
  • Ms C Schaber MA

Language Assistants

  • Miss L Lang (German)
  • Miss S Vergereau (French)
  • Miss A Conesa (Spanish)


  • Mr J Sanders MA (Director of Music)*
  • Mr B Bantock BMus PPRNCM
  • Mrs H Bantock BMus, MMus, ABRSM 
  • Mr D Childs BMus
  • Dr J Crackle BMus MMus PhD
  • Mr K Roberts BA, MA
  • Mr T Rooke BA MMus

Physical Education

  • Mr B Burgess BA (Ed) *
  • Mr R Midgley BA (Ed)
  • Mr J Hinkins BSc, Director of Rugby
  • Mr S Mee BA, Director of Hockey
  • Mr P Mulkerrins, Director of Rowing
  • Mr G Steer BEd, Director of Cricket 
  • Mr M Rogers, Head of Athletic Development
  • Mr T Brett, Sports Professional
  • Mr C Tebb, Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Dr E Palmer MSci PhD*
  • Mr M Crisp MEng
  • Mr S Everitt MEng
  • Mr G Green BSc MSc
  • Mr J Messling BSc
  • Mr A Watson MSci


  • Mr M Graham BA MA (Ed)*
  • Mr H Vann BA MA
  • Mr C Fisher MA
  • Mr R Wise BA MEd

Religious Education

  • Mr B Rowland BA*
  • Mr A Finch MA
  • Mr N McCleery BA (Chaplain)
  • Miss W Rattab BA

Theatre Studies

  • Mrs A Keylock BA MA LLAM, Head of Academic Drama (Head of Creative Arts Faculty)*
  • Mrs C Millington, BA, Teacher of Drama
  • Mr J Pharaoh BA, Theatre Manager
  • Mr D Baxter, Front of House Manager
  • Mr J Tearle, Theatre Technician
  • Miss F Fowler BA, LAMDA Teacher
  • Mr N Banks, Speech and Drama Teacher

Support Staff:

Administration Team

  • Head’s PA & Office Manager
    Mrs A Kirkaldy
  • Secretary to Vice Master and Deputy Head Academic
    Miss G Elsby
  • Administration Assistant (Clerical)
    Mrs L Idle
  • Administration Assistant (Reception)
    Mrs D White
  • Administration Assistant (Sport)
    Mrs Kim Burr
  • Music Department Administrator
    Mrs H Moore
  • Reprographics & Administrative Assistant
    Miss K Jeffery

Bedford School Association

  • Director of Bedford School Association
    Mr H Maltby
  • OB Club Assistant Director
    Mrs G Worboys
  • Alumni Officer
    Miss C Policella
  • Bedford School Association Officer
    Mrs B Marshall


  • Director of Finance and Operations
    Mr A MacFarlane BSc MSC
  • Assistant to the Director of Finance and Operations
    Mrs Y Larrier
  • Bursary Administrator (maternity leave)
    Miss K Whybrow
  • HR Manager
    Mrs A Smith
  • HR Assistant
    Miss E Burgess
  • HR Advisor
    Mrs K Sallows
  • Head of Finance
    Mrs E Clark
  • Accounts Assistant
    Mrs T Aydin
  • Accounts Assistant
    Ms C Cosenza
  • Accounts Assistant
    Mrs H Kirchin


  • Deputy Bursar
    Mr S Pocock
  • Estates Officer
    Mrs C Saunders
  • Assistant Cleaning Services Manager
    Mr A Gravante
  • Maintenance Manager
    Mr N Cox
  • Head Groundsman
    Mr M Hallsworth
  • Head Porter
    Mr R Wood
  • Recreation Centre Manager
    Mr J Elworthy


  • Examinations Officer
    Mrs D Martin-Merchant
  • Examinations Assistant
    Mrs S Craven

External Affairs

  • Director of Admissions
    Mr R Midgley
  • Assistant Director of Admissions
    Mrs C Southworth
  • Admissions Officer
    Mrs E Hudson
  • Admissions Officer
    Mrs M Pearson
  • Director of Marketing and Communications
    Mrs J Dickson
  • Marketing and Communications Manager
    Ms M Alison
  • Marketing and Communications Manager
    Mrs J Lock
  • Communications Executive
    Ms H Essien
  • Creative Content Manager
    Mr M Lewis
  • Enterprises & Events Officer
    Mrs D Peters
  • Events Co-ordinator
    Ms A Parker

Library & Archives

  • Library and Information Manager
    Miss L Chatley
  • Senior Library Assistant
    Mrs M Shirley 
  • Library Assistant
    Mrs J Tucker 
  • Archivist
    Mrs L Harrison 
  • After School Supervisor
    Mrs J Nicholson
  • After School Supervisor
    Mr R Stokes

Medical Centre

  • Lead School Nurse
    Mrs J Turner-Webb


  • Head of Security & Transport Supervisor
    Mr C Ansell


  • Art Technician
    Miss K Churchill
  • Art Technician
    Ms C Cornes
  • Biology Technician
    Mrs K Shilton
  • Chemistry Technician
    Miss J Hallett
  • Physics Technician
    Miss D Hawthorne
  • Senior Biology Technician
    Mrs L Taylor
  • Senior Chemistry Technician
    Mrs S Tetsola
  • Senior Physics Technician
    Mr I Wardley