Core Management Team (CMT)

  • Mr J Hodgson BA
    Head Master
  • Mr I Silk BA
    Headmaster (Prep School)
  • Dr D Koch BA DPhil
    Vice Master
  • Mr S Baldock MA
    Deputy Head (Academic)
  • Mr W Montgomery BSc
    Assistant Head (Teaching & Learning)
  • Mr M Gracie BSc MEd
    Assistant Head (Pastoral)
  • Mr A MacFarlane BSc MSc
    Director of Finance and Operations
  • Mrs J Dickson BSc
    Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Mr H Maltby BA
    Director of Bedford School Association

Prep School Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

  • Mr I Silk
  • Ms C Heywood
    Deputy Head
  • Mrs R Stratton 
    Assistant Head (Pastoral), Designated Safeguarding Lead, English, Maths 
  • Mr M Mallalieu
    Assistant Head (Extra Curricular), Head of Science
  • Mr G Thomas
    Director of Studies
  • Mrs K Faulkner
    Head of Operations, Head of Modern Foreign Languages
  • Mr S Powell
    Head of Y3 and Y4

School Chaplain

  • Mr N McCleery BA


Year 3

  • Mrs N Carrington
    Head of Y3
  • Mr J Lee
  • Mr A Whitbread
    Housemaster of Harpur

Year 4

  • Mr S Powell
    Head of Y3 and Y4
  • Miss P Oakley
    Housemaster of Howard
  • Miss L Valentino

Year 5

  • Mr D Affleck
    Head of Y5, Head of English
  • Mrs M Aldridge
    Head of DT, Housemaster of Whitbread
  • Mr S Roberts
    English, Life Skills
  • Mrs D Rossington
    Head of Academic Support
  • Mrs R Russell
    History, Art

Year 6

  • Mr E Loader
    Head of Y6, Head of Personal Development, Geography
  • Mrs E Chaillou-Kindred
    French, German 
  • Miss J Hone
  • Mrs J Leeson
  • Mrs C Walker

Year 7

  • Mr R Heaney
    Head of Y7, Science
  • Miss S Bamber
    Enrichment Coordinator Y5-Y8, English, History
  • Miss E Goodman
    Head of Geography
  • Mrs A Gordon
    Academic Support, Spanish
  • Ms R Kashi
  • Mr D Mason

Year 8

  • Mrs S Loader (Maternity Leave)
    Head of Y8, French
  • Ms V Denny-Morley
    Acting Head of Y8, French
  • Ms I Bowis
  • Miss K Dale
    Computer Science
  • Mr P Dennis
    Head of History
  • Mrs K Faulkner
    Head of Operations, Head of Modern Foreign Languages
  • Mrs K Lee
    Head of Academic & Pastoral Progress, Head of Maths

Other Teaching Staff without Tutor Groups

  • Mr S Lincoln
    Boarding Housemaster, Head of PE 
  • Ms M Comani (maternity leave)
    French, Latin
  • Ms A Diego Iverson
    Speech and Drama
  • Mrs J Gedye
    Head of Music
  • Mr S Guest
  • Miss M Orme
  • Mrs R Osborne
  • Mr S Phillips
    Director of Sport, PE
  • Mr S Rawlings
    Speech and Drama
  • Mrs S Silk
    English, Maths, Geography
  • Mr P Studd
    Head of Art
  • Miss T Thompson
    Academic Support
  • Mrs P Turton
    Head of Drama, Speech and Drama Coordinator
  • Mr A Wallace
    Director of Digital Learning
  • Miss L Williams
    Head of RE, Academic Support, PD


  • Mrs A Lumley-Wood

Support Staff: 

Administration Team

  • TBA
    Headmaster’s PA
  • Mrs J Curtis
    School Secretary – am Reception
  • Mrs L Johnson
    School Administrator
  • Mrs T Tindall
    School Secretary – pm Reception


  • Miss C Doherty
    Act Technician
  • Mr M Roberts
    Science Technician


  • Mrs A Brattle 
    Late Room Supervisor
  • Mrs S Horne
    Day Matron
  • Mrs J Nicholson
    Day Matron
  • Mrs L Wellard
    Day Matron

Bedford School Association

  • Mr H Maltby
    Director of Bedford School Association
  • Mrs G Worboys
    OB Club Assistant Director
  • Miss C Policella
    Alumni Officer
  • Mrs B Marshall
    Bedford School Association Officer


  • Mr A MacFarlane BSc MSC
    Director of Finance and Operations
  • Mrs Y Larrier
    Assistant to the Director of Finance and Operations 
  • Miss K Whybrow (maternity leave)
    Bursary Administrator
  • Mrs A Smith
    HR Manager
  • Miss E Burgess
    HR Assistant
  • Mrs K Sallows
    HR Advisor
  • Mrs E Clark
    Head of Finance
  • Mrs T Aydin
    Accounts Assistant
  • Ms C Cosenza
    Accounts Assistant
  • Mrs H Kirchin
    Accounts Assistant


  • Mr S Pocock
    Deputy Bursar
  • Mrs C Saunders
    Estates Officer
  • Mr A Gravante
    Assistant Cleaning Services Manager
  • Mr N Cox
    Maintenance Manager
  • Mr M Hallsworth
    Head Groundsman
  • Mr R Wood
    Head Porter
  • Mr J Elworthy
    Recreation Centre Manager

External Affairs

  • Director of Admissions
    Mr R Midgley
  • Assistant Director of Admissions
    Mrs C Southworth
  • Admissions Officer
    Mrs E Hudson
  • Admissions Officer
    Mrs M Pearson
  • Mrs J Dickson
    Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Mrs J Lock
    Communications Officer
  • Mrs M Alison
    Communications Officer
  • Ms H Essien
    Communications Assistant
  • Mr M Lewis
    Marketing Officer (Creative Content) 
  • Mrs D Peters
    Enterprises & Events Officer
  • Ms A Parker
    Events Co-ordinator

Medical Centre

  • Mrs J Turner-Webb
    Lead School Nurse


  • Mr C Ansell
    Head of Security & Transport Supervisor