An Old Bedfordians team took part in the O2 Touch League in Clapham Common for the first time this summer! Put together by Will Knight (98-09), the team played their first game on 4th July in League A, playing in the league every Monday evening for the following eight weeks.

The OB team started strongly in the League winning their first two matches, before meeting their nemesis, an England capped touch team called ‘The Chillies’ whom they unfortunately managed to play three times! However, the OBs finished the league on a high with a final win on 15th August against ‘Yeah Mate Nah Mate’.

Overall the team played ten matches over the course of nine weeks, winning five of the matches, which placed them 4th out of the total 12 teams competing in both League A and League B.

Thanks to all the OBs who took part in the League this year. They were: Oliver Clough (00-11), William Wilkinson (04-09), Arthur Olney (97-08), Ben Johnson (97-07), Daniel Jackson (03-09), Harry Peck (97-08), Daniel Algar (98-09), Douglas Worboys (98-09), Thomas Whitehouse (98-09), Will Knight (98-09), Tom Bingham (02-13) and Chris Smart (05-10).

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