As with many other events and activities this term, our Y8 post-exam programme has looked a little different this year due to lockdown. However, we are pleased to say that while it may be taking place remotely, it is no less exciting.

This Tuesday, our Y8 boys were delighted to watch a video interview with OB George Furbank (13-15) who kindly spoke with our U13 rugby captain, Arthur Proctor.

In the brilliant 30-minute conversation, George and Arthur struck up a great rapport, discussing everything from George’s experiences of playing rugby at Bedford School, which he joined in the Sixth Form, “I loved it! It was two of the best years of my life”, to his journey from school to the Saints to England and even lockdown hair! And his top tips for the boys: “Get involved in as many sports as you can”, “Work as hard as you can” and above all, “Enjoy it”.

The interview was watched by all Y8 boys who enjoyed the fascinating insight into the world of top-level rugby from this true sportsman -undoubtedly an inspiration to many at the school.

Congratulations must also go to Arthur on a superb interview. George told us afterwards that it was one of the best he’s had! 

Over the next three weeks there are even more treats to come for our Y8 boys, including boy interviews with, among others, OB Sir Alastair Cook, as well as fun activities, careers talks, ‘Come Dine with Me’ afternoons, ‘Tribes Got Talent’ and even a remote bushcraft day.

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