Our youngest pupils from years 3 to 5 hit the ski slopes in Austria over Easter and enjoyed the snow, sun and mountains!! Their parents came too and thoroughly enjoyed this special school trip.

Much progress was made on the slopes (even with the distraction of Mr Milton’s wonderful headgear!) and the evening entertainment of bowling, swimming and the infamous Tyrolese Evening were entered into with enthusiasm and relish. 



“The thing that really stood out for me was how totally inclusive it was.  Without exception, all the parents happily intermingled and the older kids were as happy to have a laugh with the younger boys (and their sisters) as they were with the boys and girls of their own age.  I know your vision is to create a confident community that respects and engages with everyone, irrespective of background or age.  It was so uplifting to see that vision come to light in the microcosm of a school trip that included teachers, parents, boys and girls.  It really is what we have signed up to Bedford School for.”

A parent on the ski trip
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