Integrity, innovator, empowering, inspiring and empathetic are but a few traits of a successful leader.  All of them fitting for the 18 captains we have in the Bedford School Rugby Club.  Our captains are vitally important in shaping the culture we have in the Rugby Club.  That ‘Never Say Die’ attitude, being accountable for one’s actions, an unwavering support network, an appreciation of the opportunity they have and a sense of pride in wearing the Bedford Jersey.  Whether it’s tidying all the equipment away after training, or congratulating a teammate who made a turnover tackle, or raising the spirits of a player who just gave an intercept pass, our leaders are the driving force that keeps the Rugby Club moving forward and, perhaps unwittingly, shaping boys’ personalities and ultimately their future.  Although captains and their players have a common goal to go out and win games, it’s more about the process than the result.  There is a significant emphasis on boys discovering themselves, what they stand for and how they can use the valuable traits they develop to become better well-rounded young men.

Interestingly, much of the success of the season has come from the B and C teams this year.  This can mostly be attributed to the strong leadership of the captains in these teams as they have helped build a collective mentality to fully commit to training and matches.  The fruits of their labour is evident in their results and the enjoyment they got from the season.

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