Members of the 1982 school 1st XV squad got together for a festive drink during the holiday period.  Many of the squad had not seen each other since leaving school almost forty years earlier, although it didn’t take long for the banter to quickly return.   After catching up on each other’s life stories, the conversation moved on to the highlights of the 1982 season – including an unforgettable game against the OBs held in a ‘mud bath’, which reputably featured one of the last competitive outings for the legendary Budge Rogers (49-57).  The conversation also reflected on the many changes to the game since it became professional in the early 1990s.

2020, should have been the year when the school Rugby Club celebrated its 150th anniversary.  Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, this was not possible, although plans are underway to celebrate in early September 2021– further details on this to follow as and when they become available.   

1982 – 1st XV against the OB Club. The school won 9-4.

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