On Saturday 10th October the School was delighted to welcome back some of the members of the 1975 1st XV, along with their former coach Alan Thorp, for a forty year reunion. They enjoyed catching up, sharing memories and looking back at their time at the School. As always with reunions, although they may have not seen each other for a number of years it was great to see how quickly one memory or story triggered another, and the years seemed to slip away. 

Over drinks in the Memorial Hall everybody enjoyed the opportunity to meet the Head Master and some of the senior players in the current 1st XV, and in the afternoon they were delighted to see the School beat Dulwich by 28 to 3. This made up for the 1975, when the 1st XV lost 4-3. Thank you to all those that made the effort to come back. There were also a number of messages received from those that could not join the gathering as they were overseas.

See photos from the afternoon here

If you are considering organising a reunion for a specific group please do not hesitate to contact the OB Club Office, we would be delighted to assist. Interestingly enough the current 1st XV have already started to discuss their forty year reunion in 2055!

Mark Lloyd-Williams (68-76) has recently unearthed this original photo of the 1975 1st XV team. Seated left to right are, J. Johnson, R. Holbrook, M. Lloyd Williams, I. Peck, D. Murray, K. Bouveng, D. Brice and (back row, left to right) I. Prescott, T. Briggs, R. Caxton-Spencer, H. MacDonald, J. Carr, R. King, P. Mason, I. Jessop, R. Boyd-Moss.

And forty years later, pictured below with members of the current 1st XV are, seated left to right, Mark Lloyd-Williams (68-76), Ian Peck (65-76), David Murray (69-76), and (back row, from third in) Tim Briggs (67-76), James Carr (65-75), Alan Thorp (Former Staff 1970-2002, Coach), Julian Johnson (66-76) and Roddy Caxton-Spencer (73-78).


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