At a Rugby lunch, held on 29th November 2014 when the School 1st XV played Abingdon at home, seven OBs from the 1959/60 1st XV reunited for the first time since leaving School!

Antony J Renwick (48-59), Gerry Neale (48-59) with wife Lorraine, Richard G Simmonds (50-61), Richard Salt (52-60), Roger Fennemore (52-61) with wife Sally, Bruce Claridge (55-59), and J William E (Willie) Rumboll (55-61). Three other OBs also at the School around that time joined the reunion – Chris Smith (55-61), Peter Hearth (56-60) and Peter Ruysen (57-62).

It was a fantastic event, and lovely to see these Old Bedfordians reunite to reminisce and watch the School play at home. If, like Roger, you would like to organise a reunion, take a look at our advice on the Organise a Reunion page and get in touch with us so we can help.

Rugby Lunches are free and open to OBs, parents, staff and friends of the School. Take a look at the Events Calendar to find out when the next one is being held, and remember to register your attendance with Bev Marshall at


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