Boarding and Day School for boys aged 7 - 18 years

Years 7 + 8  

Years 7 and 8 are mainly based in the Wells Building. Each tutor groups is composed of Year 7 and Year 8 boys. Boys will be taught in one of the five or six teaching groups for each Year. These continue to be organised on the basis of underlying ability and prior performance.


The breadth of the curriculum is maintained with the main development being the introduction of additional languages in Year 7. In addition to French, boys will study a module of German, Latin and Spanish during Year 7 and will be able to express a preference for one of the languages to study alongside French in Year 8.

The system of unit testing continues and in Years 7 & 8 boys sit end of year exams.

As well as the development in academic expectations it is also envisaged that boys will take on positions of responsibility in their House and in the School in general.











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