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Visa applications 

Students from many countries outside the European Union require a visa to study in the UK. We do everything we can to help with the visa application process. 

We are a Highly Trusted Sponsor, licence number 3QVCNTJP6

Students from outside the European Economic Area coming for more than six months need to apply for a Child Student Visa under Tier 4 of the Points-Based System. 

For a Child Student Visa, you need to have a CAS - Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies. This is a unique number.

We will obtain it for you and send the CAS reference number to you. We will also send a statement of the information which we have provided to UK Visas and Immigration. You will also need a full passport valid for at least six months from the proposed date of entry into the UK. The Entry Clearance Officer at the Embassy concerned will also need to see evidence that the parents’ income is sufficient to support the student's studies.

You may find helpful information on

The Entry Clearance Officer will need to see:

  • A full passport valid for at least six months from the proposed date of entry into the United Kingdom.
  • A CAS, the electronic Certificate of Acceptance for Studies.  It is a unique number, generated online.  We will send it to you when we have received the signed Acceptance form and the deposit, and when the student has completed the admission tasks to our satisfaction.
  • Documentary evidence of the parents' ability to support the student financially during his or her studies in the United Kingdom.

The application process and the granting of a visa often takes considerable time. Application should be made, in person, at the British Embassy in the home country at least eight weeks before departure.

Evidence of financial ability to support the student 

The Entry Clearance Officer at the Embassy concerned will need to satisfy him or herself that the parent's income is sufficient to support the student's studies long term. It is highly recommended therefore that as well as bank statements showing deposits at present, parents should also submit evidence of regular income into such accounts. Typically this would include salary slips or bank statements going back at least six months showing regular deposits.

Where both parents are working it is advisable to submit details for both.

Payment of fees in advance

In some cases payment of fees in advance may help a visa application. Parents wishing to pay fees for one or more terms in advance should contact the Director for further details. If fees are paid in advance, then parents should wait for our letter stating that fees have been received, along with a receipted invoice for presentation at the British Embassy, before they apply for the visa.

Short-term students

If a student is coming for a three- or six-week summer course, or for one term of Academic Preparation before returning to the home country, then he or she may need a Child Visitor Visa.  We write the visa support letter when the registration is confirmed and the deposit received.


BSSC intervention in the visa application process

BSSC will gladly provide advice to parents on visa applications by telephone and email, and will willingly submit information requested. However, we are unable to intervene or make further representations to the visa issuing authorities on behalf of students.

For further details or advice please contact:
The Director, Bedford School Study Centre.
+44 1234 362300


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