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Our Curriculum                                         


All students have 12 hours per week of English, with a strong focus in these 18 lessons on the skills they will need for studying. English is taught by staff trained and experienced in teaching English as a Foreign Language.   There is also a pronunciation lesson, where the students learn in groups of speakers of the same or similar languages, and a vocabulary lesson to focus on each week's new words.



All students have 8 lessons per week of Science, including aspects of Chemistry, Physics and Biology. These five and a half hours are taught in English by staff who are science specialists but who are also trained in teaching English as a Foreign Language.


All students have 6 lessons per week, 4 hours, of Mathematics. This is taught in English by staff who are mathematics specialists but who are also trained in teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Information Technology (Computing)

All students (except some pre-A level students) have 4 lessons per week, almost three hours, of computing. They learn how to use word-processing packages, spreadsheets and databases as well as how to use the internet and email. All students have their own email address and access to the internet, filtered to prevent access to unsuitable material. Computing is taught by subject specialists with experience and training in teaching English.


All students have a swimming lesson and two sports lessons every week. We aim to introduce our students to the sports they will have to play in their next schools. Badminton, basketball, football, squash, tennis, cricket, hockey, rugby and athletics all feature in the programme. Sport and swimming are compulsory lessons for all students.


Bedford School Study Centre offers courses at three levels:

Pre-Key Stage 3 is for students who are 10-12 years old.  The English element is at A2 level on the Common European Framework. Older students may need to pass the end-of term exams at this level as part of their progression.

Pre-GCSE is for students who are 13-14 and preparing to join a Year 9 or 10 in a mainstream school. The English element is at B1 on the CEF.

Pre-A level is usually a one-year programme, reaching level B2.  Some students may join part way through the school year. In the summer term, pre-A level students have access to computing facilities but do not have computing lessons. The four extra lessons are used for project work and research.  English lessons include preparation for Economics and Business Studies, and science classes divide according to the subject preferences of the students.

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