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Geography is the study of the Earth’s landscapes, peoples, places and environments. It is about the world in which we live. As well as a study of the Earth’s surface, it is also about the way people use it, human geography and how they interact with the natural forces of the planet, physical geography.


Pupils are continuously challenged to ask themselves a number of questions:

a) Where in the world is this?
b) Why did it occur?
c) How was it created or formed?
d) How does it interact with the local environment?
e) What are its effect locally, regionally and internationally?
f) Is it connected to other geographical factors or features?
g) How will it affect me or others?

During the six years in the Prep School all pupils learn and practise key geographical map mapwork skills with each year building upon the one below in a spiral learning effect.

All pupils learn how to use and interpret geographical data and how to display this skill in a variety of forms from simple graphs to more structured and complicated assignments based on case studies. Each year group is expected to produce at least one main assignment.

In classes pupils are encouraged to express their opinions and to take an active interest in controversial topics such as CLIMATE CHANGE and in the work being done by groups within the school such as the Environment Committee. It is important that pupils learn to apply their knowledge and understanding to local and world events and that these are discussed in class where relevant. Through classwork, ICT, GIS, local fieldwork studies, visits and guest speakers, pupils are expected to gain a better understanding and knowledge of the human and physical features of the world and become enthusiastic geographers who wish to continue with the subject in the Upper School and beyond.












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