Boarding and Day School for boys aged 7 - 18 years


The English department is situated in the Inky Building within the Prep School campus. Our priority as a department is to instil a lasting enthusiasm for language and literature, while establishing a solid academic basis for GSCE English and beyond. We are supported by the Inky Library, where all boys are encouraged to develop their own independent reading interests.

In Years 3 and 4, English is generally taught by the class teacher. Boys enjoy engaging with a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts, and the annual poetry writing and poetry recital competitions provide a platform for all Year 3 and 4 pupils to harness their creative talents. In Year 5 and above, boys are taught English by a specialist in the subject.


The whole approach to teaching English at Bedford Preparatory School emphasises the balance between developing technical skills and fostering creative enthusiasm. Our pupils develop the understanding and skills outlined in the National Curriculum and National Literacy Strategy, and regularly reach beyond the standard targeted for each key stage. The department also provides a range of opportunities for pupils to develop the speaking and listening skills that are so vital across the curriculum. Public speaking, group discussion or negotiation and role-play are the three areas which are targeted in line with the National Curriculum. This oral aspect of the subject is underpinned by a full programme of events, including drama workshops with professional actors, a public speaking competition, and visiting authors.

We are trying to develop in our pupils:
• An enjoyment of literature
• Creative confidence
• Independent thinking
• Technical accuracy
• Reflective writing skills











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