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International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme 

Bedford offers the globally recognised and highly regarded International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in addition to A Levels. By requiring the study of six subjects, the IB allows students to achieve depth of knowledge within their specialist areas while preserving breadth; it also recognises the importance of continuing, at some level, the study of the student’s mother tongue, a foreign language, mathematics and science up to the end of formal secondary education.

In addition to this, all IB students follow a course in Theory of Knowledge, write an extended essay on a topic that holds particular interest for them and follow an extra-curricular programme of Creativity, Action and Service.

Bedford School has recorded outstanding results in each of the eight years in which it has presented candidates for the IB Diploma examinations. We believe that it gives our students an edge as they seek a place on particularly competitive university courses, and that it is an asset to those who recognise that their future career may include an international dimension.

If you would like further information about the School's IB Diploma programme, please refer to the IB Courses Guide below or contact the Director of IB on tel. +44 (0)1234 362200, or email him on You are more than welcome to visit us and see the Diploma Programme in action.

IB Course Guide

The subjects we offer within the Diploma programme are shown below.

Group 1 - Language A    
English HL SL
English Language & Literature HL SL
Group 2 - Second Language    
German A HL  
Language B
- French, German & Spanish
Mandarin ab initio   SL
Latin HL  SL 
Group 3 - Individuals & Societies    
Economics HL  SL 
Geography HL SL
History HL SL
Philosophy HL SL
Group 4 - Experimental Sciences    
Biology HL SL
Chemistry HL SL
Physics HL SL
Group 5 - Mathematics     
Maths HL SL
Maths Studies   SL
Group 6 - The Arts / Elective     
Music HL SL
Theatre Arts HL SL
Visual Arts HL SL
Design & Technology    SL 
Spanish ab initio    SL 

*Ab initio - means 'from the start', no prior knowledge of the language required

Please visit the Director of IB at the School to discuss your particular subject choices.

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