Boarding and Day School for boys aged 7 - 18 years


Welcome to the BPSA

The aim of the BPSA is for parents of current pupils and members of the wider school community to support the school in a number of ways.

  • Arranging and promoting social events that bring parents and school staff together
  • Fundraising, with profits made going to charities, groups and school projects that are agreed upon by the BPSA committee in conjunction with key members of Bedford Prep School staff
  • Providing a social network for parents new and old, with representatives in each year group
  • Supporting school functions, for example serving mulled wine and mince pies at Carol Concerts

All work carried out by the BPSA committee is on a volunteer basis, but our work is greatly appreciated by the Prep School staff. Supporting the BPSA is also not only rewarding and great fun but a great way to meet other parents and staff in a more relaxed context.

If you would like any further information, please click on the following mail link:

These thoughts on what the BPSA is about come from members of the current committee:

- Joining the BPSA is a great way to meet other parents in your son’s year and also those parents, who have sons in higher prep school years, who are a great fund of knowledge about how the school works from a parent’s perspective. Helping out at events (usually no more than 3 or 4 a year) is a fun way to interact with other members of the committee, other parents and members of staff. Despite sometimes feigning embarrassment, boys like to see their parents getting involved in fund-raising activities in school, evidenced by the fact that they are often very willing to help out themselves, and this encourages their engagement with the school’s extra-curricular activities.

- For me, the BPSA is the essence of what is such a positive element of the Prep School - the excellent partnership that exists between the school and home. The boarding school ethos of Bedford School filters down to the Day Boys as there is a real sense that the school takes an active interest in the progress and wellbeing of the boys way beyond when the school day ends at 4.05pm. In return, we parents are encouraged to maintain close contact with tutors, teachers and senior management in order to form a strong partnership that works in the best interests of our child. The BPSA supports school events wherever it can to demonstrate the parental commitment to this common cause, and it allows the partnership to develop on a more casual, relaxed basis at the social events it organises. In addition, BPSA events provide an opportunity for parents to meet each other which can be particularly helpful for those new to the school and for parents who have busy working lives or who do not live close to the school and are perhaps not on the school premises very often. Finally, BPSA events are always fun and as we all have to work hard to provide this excellent educational opportunity for our boys, I think we parents owe it to ourselves to enjoy the social side of it too!

- The BPSA has a unique function of bridging the gap between school and contact with new and established parents.

The fund raising aspect benefits the boys and gives parents a chance to contribute to school life, it is fun, focused and relaxed.




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