Academic Support

We are committed to empowering boys with the knowledge and skills they need to realise their potential.

Our Academic Support department offers two broad areas of support: for boys with specific learning difficulties, and for those who speak English as a Second Language (ESL).


Specific Learning Difficulties

Our Academic Support Department provides specific lessons for pupils who have AD(H)D, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia or need study skills support.

Three specialist teachers offer one-to-one tuition to develop each boy’s learning independence.

Sessions focus on one curriculum subject and improve specific skills such as spelling, reading and essay writing. The skills learned in sessions are highly transferable and can be used across other academic subjects. We also provide specific help to boys for exams.

Tuition is usually timetabled in a non-teaching period after lunch or school, so that boys don’t have to be withdrawn from normal lessons.

Parents are asked to make the school aware of existing difficulties and to provide any assessments for Specific Learning Difficulties that have been carried out.

The Department also provides ongoing support to subject teachers on how to meet boys’ learning needs in the classroom, as well as to parents in supporting their son’s development.


English as a Second Language

Boys whose first language is not English often need some additional support with their studies. The Academic Support Department provides specialised help in English for academic purposes.

Nine expert teachers cover a creative syllabus which includes trips to the Houses of Parliament in London for debates and a tour of Cambridge University and museums.

Our members of staff have lived and worked abroad, so speak different languages and understand a wide variety of cultures. This underpins the department’s philosophy of supporting pupils linguistically and culturally, guiding them to achieve their academic potential and adapt to studying and living in an international environment.

The department’s range of textbooks, in-house materials, IT resources and library also enable pupils to develop their language and study skills ready for sixth form and university.

ESOL Terms and Conditions