About the Trust

Aims & Objectives

The Trust is established to manage funds and property donated to Bedford School so as to:

  • promote the education of pupils at Bedford School
  • promote the further education of former pupils of the School
  • to support the School and its charitable activities


The activities for which the Trust provides a financial and accounting service are:

  • Bedford Preparatory School Fund
  • Bedford School Chapel
  • Bedford School Charities Committee
  • Bedford School Combined Cadet Force (CCF)
  • The Monitors' Fund
  • The Musical Instrument Fund

Bedford Preparatory School Fund: a separate fund which is used to raise money for charities and worthy causes and to provide additional resources for the Prep School. The fund is also used to account for minor activities such as educational day trips.

Bedford School Chapel: the financial affairs of the Chapel are supervised by the Chapel Committee, a sub-committee of the Trustees. Each Chapel collection is made for a nominated cause; this includes charities and worthy causes and the Chapel Restoration Appeal Fund.

Bedford School Charities Committee: this is a committee in the Upper School which raises money for charities and worthy causes in a variety of ways. The Trust acts a holding bank for the funds raised and then distributes them in accordance with the wishes of the Charities Committee.

Bedford School Combined Cadet Force (CCF): income is raised through parental contributions for camps and activities, income from investments and interest on balances. The School makes one-off grants, as appropriate.

The Monitors' Fund: each Monitor pays a termly subscription to the fund, which is matched by the School.

The Musical Instrument Fund: funds are raised through hiring out instruments to boys and from fees earned from public engagements, collections after School concerts etc. These are then used to purchase new instruments.


Trips & Tours

The Bedford School Trust Central Bank account, has been set up to hold parental contributions and funds raised for sports tours and other visits. For convenience, this applies whether the main organiser is the School or an external organisation.

The Central Bank has no funds of its own and it is merely an accounting medium for collecting and holding income which is later paid out for the visit or tour concerned.